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Step 2: Your Cash-Management


For couples salary/bonus information may be combined.
This may include Social Security benefits, pensions, income from a trust, etc.

Ongoing Expenses (Estimates)

Your Expenses:
Do not worry about the accuracy of different expenses. Just estimates would be fine. We have listed a number of categories just to help you estimate your expenses.

Property Related Expenses:

This includes principal and interest payments.

Living Expenses:

Other Expenses:

These are miscellaneous expenses e.g. club memberships, subscriptions, cash donations, birthday/holiday gifts, etc.

Pie Chart for Annual Expenses

Annual ExpensesLife Exp. (food, clothes, util...)$144,000Home mortgage$120,000Taxes$100,000Auto loan$60,000Health ins.$24,000Home upkeep$24,000

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d = default values

Key Figures & Actions
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Total Annual Income:
Total Annual Expenses:
Annual Savings:
Annual ExpensesProperty Related Expenses$204,000Property Related Expenses$204,000Living Expenses$168,000Living Expenses$168,000Other Expenses$100,000Other Expenses$100,000
Property Related Expenses: 204000
Living Expenses: 168000
Other Expenses: 100000