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Step 6: Your Protection

Insurance : Your Protection

Normally it could be ( 55 - your age) years. It is assumed that by the time you are 55, your kids will not be dependent on you.
Long Term Disability insurance typically starts afer 6 months in disability and provides 70 - 80% wage replacement until retirement age.
Short Term Disability insurance typically starts after 10-14 days in disability and provides 80 - 100% wage replacement for 3 to 6 months.
An umbrella policy protects you in the event someone gets injured at or by your property files a large liability claim against you.
This allows someone else to act on your behalf in legal and business matters in case you are ever incapacitated.
This allows you to transfer your property to a beneficiary while also retaining the right to change the beneficiary at any time.
This insurance provides coverage for health care expenses not covered by Medicare during retirement.
This document allows you to establish an orderly transfer of your property and caretaking of your minor children per your desire in case of your sudden death.
A Living Will is a legal document that describes whether or not you want life sustaining treatment in case you become terminally ill.

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